About HCR

Handex Consulting & Remediation, LLC (HCR) is a full service environmental firm that provides consulting; construction project support; remediation; system design and installation; operations, maintenance and monitoring; industrial hygiene; and sludge dewatering services. At HCR we treat you as a business partner because we share the achievement of your goals and objectives – to complete your projects ahead of schedule and under budget. When it comes to cleaning up your site we don’t overdo it – we just do it right in a timely and cost effective manner utilizing the latest remediation technologies.

Consulting, remediation and construction projects continue to be managed for client sectors that include:

  • Major oil companies / Jobber C-stores
  • Terminals, refineries and pipelines
  • Utilities – Hypermarkets, dry cleaners
  • Industrial Plants / railroads / truckstops
  • Florida and New Jersey DEP, DOT and Turnpike
  • Superfund projects for PRP groups / RCRA sites
  • Federal, State and local government agencies
  • Insurance companies and financial institutions
  • Consulting, engineering, legal, architectural and other firms
  • Transportation firms, air and water ports
  • Real estate developers / Brownfields / day care centers